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I applaud the Yukon Government for tabling the petition and for showing leadership in its initiative to declare the Yukon a GE free zone.

Currently there are no GE crops in the Yukon and until satisfactory studies have been done on this technology it would be prudent to avoid the introduction of these crops to the Yukon. Long term health studies have yet to be done, the effects upon the environment are unknown, and the socio-economic impacts have been devastating in other areas.

The Yukon must protect against the intentional or accidental introduction of genetic constructs until the safety of GE crops is ascertained. Consultation with people of the Yukon must be undertaken because the introduction of this technology will have lasting effects. Organic farmers' lifestyles will be severely impacted and peoples' choice for unadulterated food grown in the Yukon will be threatened.

Time must be allocated for the study of the effects genetically engineered seeds could have on Yukon, both positively and negatively. The largest single economic advantage the Yukon has is that it is the single agricultural territory (or province/state) in the Americas that is not currently contaminated with genetically engineered seed. This in itself could offer the chance for the Yukon to be the largest and last naturally occurring seed bank in the Americas.

Good science has been a lifesaving endeavour for human health but the open field release of genetically engineered seed has no health or nutritive benefits for humans, animals or soil/aquatic organisms. The Yukon uses well below the national average of herbicides and pesticides and genetically engineered seeds are specifically designed to be used with these chemicals.

Please let me know if there is something I can do to assist the Yukon Legislative Assembly to put in place a ten year moratorium on the planting of GE seed in the Yukon.

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Please send to any or all of the following:
Hon. Dennis Fentie – Premier
MLA - Watson Lake Yukon Party
Minister responsible for Executive Council Office, including Devolution, Land Claims, and Youth Directorate, Minister of Finance, Minister of Environment
Phone: 867 393-7053     Fax: 867 393-6252

Hon. Archie Lang
MLA - Porter Creek Centre Yukon Party
Minister of Energy, Mines and Resources (including Agriculture portfolio), Minister of Highways and Public Works, Minister responsible for Yukon Development Corporation, Minister responsible for Yukon Energy Corporation
Phone: 867 667-8643     Fax: 867 393-6252

Hon. Brad Cathers
MLA - Lake Laberge Yukon Party (an avid supporter of the petition)
Minister of Health and Social Services, Minister responsible for Yukon Workers' Compensation Health and Safety Board
Phone: 867 667-5806     Fax: 867 393-6252

Steve Nordick - Deputy Speaker
MLA – Klondike Yukon Party (MLA tabling the petition)
Phone: 867 633-7947     Fax: 867 393-7400

Arthur Mitchell - Leader of the Official Opposition (an avid supporter of local agriculture)
MLA – Copperbelt Liberal Party
Phone: 867 667-8828     Fax: 867 393-7444

Todd Hardy - Leader to the Third Party
MLA - Whitehorse Centre New Democratic Party
Phone: 867 393-7050     Fax: 867 393-6499

Tony Hill
Director Agriculture Branch
Phone: 867 667-5838     Fax: 867 393-6222

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