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After Minister Lang's response to the petition, several more emails were received in support of the Government's tabling of the petition and for their progressive actions. People are still very much in favor of moving forward with a moratorium on the planting of genetically modified seeds.

GE Free Yukon is grateful for the support of Dr. Mae-Wan Ho. Dr. Mae-Wan Ho has been a frequent corespondent with GE Free Yukon and has allowed GE Free Yukon to post a pdf copy of her paper outlining the science and harm that genetic engineering poses to our lives. This paper has been sent to both minister Archie Lang and Agriculture director, Tony Hill.

Two articles the local newspapers, the Yukon News and the Whitehorse Star, were printed describing the reaction of GE Free Yukon to Minister Lang's response.

GE Free Yukon responded to Minister Lang's office with an email questioning several of his comments and asking to meet in the New Year. There has not yet been a response to that request.

GE Free Yukon also emailed Tony Hill of the Agriculture department who responded quickly inviting a meeting in the New Year to talk about an industry led solution to the issue.

Tom Rudge submitted a commentary to the Yukon News in response to Minister Lang effectively arguing the points that Minister Lang made in his response. The lengthy article covered all the issues up for discussion with the Government and the Agriculture Department. Tory Russel submitted a letter to the editor of Whitehorse Star.

Currently there is discussion ongoing between GE Free Yukon, the local organic growers and the Yukon Agriculture Association. Apparently in a quickly worded email to Archie Lang, the Agriculture Association has taken a stand against the petition asking for a moratorium on the planting of GE seeds in the Yukon. This was done without any consultation with the YAA membership. Since the organic growers are members of the Yukon Agriculture Association, this is an issue that will need to be dealt with.

Please email GE Free Yukon with comments.

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